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What Graduates of Columbus Women’s Rehab Have to Say


“I grew up in a very loving Christian family. I was very involved in church. In my senior year of high school, I started to hang out with the wrong group of people. Once I entered college, it got worse. One drug consumed my life: OxyContin and any pain pill I could get my hands on. I lived for this drug day and night. My husband and I started to use this drug together. Even when I found out I was pregnant, the drug use just got worse and worse. I was so depressed I had no hope. Eventually, I overdosed and ended up in a psych ward. We both decided to come to the substance abuse treatment center at Columbus Teen Challenge, and God has just completely changed both of our lives. I have hope and a future now. I know that my son’s going to have godly parents now.”


“God has delivered me from the bondage of addiction, anger, fear, depression, and self-loathing. Teen Challenge in Columbus, GA, allowed me to lift my head with real hope for the future. I used to depend on the bottle in my hand for survival, but now I’ve thrown the bottle away, and I’m holding on to Jesus.”


“I was not brought up as a Christian. Intelligence and education were stressed as the most essential things in life, so I became an outstanding student and had big goals for myself. At age 13, however, I was sexually assaulted. I then became rebellious and started experimenting with drugs, which became a lifestyle for me. By age 24, I started using heroin, which led to a 20-year addiction and a lot of psychological problems. All of my dreams faded away, and I was dying of my addiction. I lost my will to live and was completely broken.

At age 44, I had hit rock bottom and decided to go to Columbus Teen Challenge. After a few months there, my life was permanently changed. I finally felt God’s presence there and accepted Christ into my heart. Today, I never wake up sad or depressed. I’m happy to be alive and have dedicated my life to serving Christ.”


“I was lost. I had no direction in life, no meaning. The life I knew was failing me. The things I loved to do became useless. I had begun selling myself as a prostitute to support my addiction. Accepting nothing but abuse my whole life, I knew I was worthless. I was searching and experimenting and finding nothing but hurt and self-affliction, so I covered it up with the drugs.

After coming to the Teen Challenge for Women in Columbus, Georgia, I am filled with the joy of the Lord. I know my stains are wiped clean. Surrendering entirely to Christ has been the best choice I’ve ever made. Everything I ask Him for help with, He has taken care of… most of all, He has restored me.”


“I grew up in a blessed home with parents who loved and supported me. When I left for college, I rebelled. I wanted to be accepted so badly that I did anything to fit in. My priorities went down the drain, and I failed my first year. So, I joined the Coast Guard to escape my problems, but I got arrested twice and fell harder into my addiction. I moved back home and got into a toxic relationship; two months later, I found out I was pregnant, and the father fled. I was so lonely and lost and never thought I could have joy again. But I was wrong.

I came to Teen Challenge in Columbus and now have a relationship with God. He has shown me His faithfulness and is restoring my relationship with my family. I can now say that I have hope and a new outlook for the future!”


“I was adopted literally and figuratively. First, at age 3, I had a family that I felt never really accepted or approved of me. I felt different, unwanted, unloved, and unimportant. I thought of myself as a mistake and never good enough. My mother was never pleased with who I was. Everything she tried to force me to be or do, I did the opposite. I started making bad decisions and fell into a life of partying and drug addiction. Then, one night, I cried in bed, feeling sorry for myself. I heard the Lord speak to my heart, telling me I am more than this.

After coming to the Teen Challenge rehab center in Columbus, GA, I now live and breathe for God. I have a reason to get up in the mornings. Now, I am a woman with a purpose, and that purpose is to live for HIM. I need his approval because on Christ the solid rock I stand.”


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