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Are you looking for a low-cost drug rehabilitation center near Columbus, Georgia? Columbus Women’s Rehab, part of Teen Challenge, is a single-gender adult drug rehabilitation center found in Columbus Georgia is a popular choice. The program is low in cost but highly successful with among the highest recovery rates in the industry. They are faith-based and offer life skills and vocational therapy.

Making the decision to go to drug or alcohol rehab can definitely be the right choice for an addict. But sometimes the concept of what “rehab” is all about can be distorted by movie plots and celebrity rehab stories.

Do you know what an effective chemical dependency drug rehabilitation center like Teen Challenge in Columbus Georgia is really like? Perhaps we should talk about the fallacies of drug rehabilitation center in Columbus Georgia and other locations.

Addiction Treatment Myth #1 – Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers are “One Size Fits All”

drug rehabilitation centerAlthough all drug rehabilitation centerS in Columbus Georgia have a common set of treatments, each center is unique. Results can be highly influenced mostly by the amount of time spent in the program. Short-term rehabs in Georgia rarely work. The better rehabs will last several months, not a few days since it takes that long to reteach them the truth, positive thinking, and responsibility for a successful future.

Each drug or alcohol abuser has a different life experience with drugs and alcohol. What launched the initial use and subsequent addiction can be quite different for different people. So, getting to the bottom of it will often take different approaches and some initial therapy. Addictions are often triggered by a disappointment or a void in the person’s life, so those must be dealt with at the same time or the addiction cannot be eliminated. Often called “dual-diagnosis” treatment, this combined therapy is critical, but not a part of the treatment in all rehabs.

The Second Myth of Addiction Treatment – Those With Chemical Dependencies in Columbus Georgia Have the Choice to Quit their Addiction Without Help

Addictions are affected by an area of the brain referred to as the Mesolimbic Dopamine System. This system is not part of the conscious portion of the brain. So, it is quite difficult for an addict to discern how to stop their chemical dependency. Whether or not the addict stoked the fire of the addiction in the first place is irrelevant to their option to stop it. Once the addiction is started, the addict no longer has control to stop the addiction.

The Third Myth of Addiction Treatment – An Drug Abuser in Columbus Georgia Will Refuse to Enter Rehab Until they Have Reached “Rock Bottom”

drug rehabilitation centerIt is a common thought that a vast majority of individuals must hit “rock bottom” due to their chemical dependency, before they will enter a drug rehabilitation center, in a lucid moment of self-preservation. But all individuals are motivated differently and have different levels of chemical dependency. For that reason, some may be motivated to get help from loved ones, while others may need to nearly die before they’ll seek help. Common motivators include, but are not limited to: family pressure, legal issues, illness or near-death experiences, or finances. Sadly, many choose to wait until there’s no other option, but this does not describe all addicts or alcoholics, so seek help for them now!

If you or someone you love in Columbus Georgia is consumed by a harmful chemical dependency on drugs or alcohol, it is advisable to seek professional help as soon as possible. The more time goes on, the more difficult it will be to reverse it. In contacting a drug rehabilitation center, you can get quick answers to any questions you may have. It is never a poor decision to at least begin to research the rehab options.

Teen Challenge drug rehabilitation center in Columbus Georgia is a Christian, dual-diagnosis drug and alcohol addiction rehab that serves adults who are entangled in substance abuse. We offer a structured and therapeutic environment in which the cycles of drug abuse are broken and replaced with essential life skills.

To learn more about what Teen Challenge centers in Columbus Georgia offer women near Columbus and other Georgia locations, we welcome you to call us today. Our community of drug rehabilitation centers enrolls women near Columbus, Georgia, and beyond.

A solution for your family in Columbus, Georgia is only a phone call away. Reach us by phone at (866) 563-0497 and talk to our Intake Coordinator. He will honestly tell you if Teen Challenge is the best choice for your loved one. Teen Challenge drug rehabilitation centers are easily accessible from Columbus Georgia, and any major airport in the country.

Please think about Teen Challenge centers in Columbus Georgia as you research alcohol and drug treatment centers and rehabs near Columbus, Georgia. 

drug rehabilitation center

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 Columbus Women’s Rehab offers the *highest success rate for long-term addiction treatment. The Columbus Women’s Rehab substance abuse and the alcoholism recovery rate are second to none in the industry. Residents receive a new spiritual foundation on which to rebuild their lives. They receive guidance, mentoring, and motivation to remain clean and sober. This drug rehabilitation center is not a resort or a vacation; but if other programs have failed you, maybe it’s time to check it out because it really works! Call us now to find out how we can help you kick the substances that are destroying your life!

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