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Drug Addiction Treatment For Women

Christian Rehabs are Highly EffectiveDrug Addiction Treatment For Women

Treating alcoholism and drug addiction often requires a profound spiritual experience.

Drug addiction and substance abuse disconnects people spiritually, and restoring the spiritual facet of our lives in recovery produces perfect long-term results. The power of spiritual transformation has proven to be an effective remedy for overcoming addiction, especially when there is a personal relationship with our Maker. Secular recovery programs set up a similar “spiritual” path based on a core set of principles and a “higher power,” but these principles are best exemplified in a life-changing experience of accepting the life that Christ has to offer– the inner change that was so successfully illustrated in the foundations of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Obviously, someone open-minded about attending a religious-based addiction treatment program will do better than someone dead set against it. Surprisingly, several patients changed their tune after being admitted to a Christian-based rehab. A little bit of willingness can go a long way in recovery.

Drug Addiction Treatment For WomenChristian rehabs are highly effective at bringing about the change necessary for long-lasting recovery.

The basic mechanics of a Christian rehab are not so different from secular recovery programs. Both use holistic health, meditation, guidance from a “higher power,” and help through prayer, seeking help from others, and helping others–these are central themes to any good recovery program. However, why do some programs only have a 5% success rate while the Teen Challenge success rate is 86%? It is because recovery success comes from applied knowledge and life change. The secret to the success of Christian rehab programs like Teen Challenge is not so much in the treatment program itself, since ineffective programs follow much the same regimen, but rather in the spiritual experience of the participants – the life change.

Can changing our underlying beliefs and way of life affect our daily thoughts, actions, and behaviors? Certainly, it can if the participant begins pursuing a new way of living with passion and enthusiasm. A religious experience is needed for an individual with addictions to choose a new path in life. Why? Partly because it gives him something to point at as being the source and power of his change and partly because it is easier for him to explain to others as being the reason for the change (not something that he did himself). Those who fully immerse themselves in a new life in Christ will reap the benefits of lasting recovery.

To change our thoughts and behaviors, this new way of life must become fully ingrained in us and habitual. Therefore, Teen Challenge is a long-term rehab facility with a strong emphasis on applied principles, spiritual growth, and the transition to healthy living. Instead of focusing on relapse prevention tactics or group therapy, Teen Challenge rehabs emphasizes daily living, coping skills, and calling on the power of the Holy Spirit. Any life change will take weeks to become a comfortable habit, though we have also seen powerful conversion experiences that have led the participant to immediately become a completely new person in Christ.

Ultimately, success in Christian rehab comes down to whether or not the addict has hit bottom and realizes their need to find a new way to live. If nothing else has worked for the addict or alcoholic thus far, a Christian-based program like Columbus Women’s Rehab could be the answer they need.

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Drug Addiction Treatment For Women

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